Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jesus Police

Those who know me are well aware of my all-consuming, burning hatred for organized religion. This does not mean that I am an Atheist. I would consider myself to be Agnostic. I do believe that we're more than just a cosmic fluke. I just think that no one religion is right in their belief system. How could anyone possibly know for sure. Until one is proven, without any doubt to be 100% correct, I will continue to doubt. Religious organizations creep me right the fuck out. Seriously. I have never associated myself with any particular religion. Nor will I ever do so. To me it's just silly. I get so pissed when religious "recruiters" approach me trying to force their personal belief system upon me. I used to collect those CRAZY little pamphlets those nutjobs hand out on the street. I would flip through them and just shake my head and laugh. But sometimes, just sometimes, I would be genuinely frightened by their utterly insane beliefs. And I don't say this lightly. I would see certain propaganda that filled me with a sense of doom for the human race. Scary, scary shit. I wish I still had them but, alas, I threw them out a few years ago.
A friend recently told me a story about his girlfriend that I'd like to share with you all. This is a nice little example of the fear-mongering these religious groups utilize to oppress their followers.

This particular friend's girlfriend is a practicing Catholic. Now, if you know anything about religion, it is currently Lent, which runs from Ash Wednesday to Easter. The season of no meat on Fridays (except fish and/or poultry depending on how lax a person's church is). Are you starting to notice the inconsistencies and hypocracy of the various religions? It is also the season of sacrificing something you enjoy. For example: meat, beer, cigarettes, etc. Now, in this girl's case, she gave up chocolate for Lent. Okay, that's not crazy. Seems doable. A small, acceptable token of one's belief in their particular deity of choice. Hang with me folks, I'm getting to the point.

So this girl stops to get a sandwich and coffee while driving to a relative's house. However, she doesn't get just any coffee. Oh no, she gets CHOCOLATE coffee. Astute readers will recall that she has given up this guilty pleasure for Lent. She gets back in her vehicle and heads out on the road. Before long, she notices a cop following her, lights flashing. The cop gives her a warning for doing 36mph in a 25mph zone. A warning. No citation. She immediately texts her boyfriend with, "God is punishing me." He calls her back and she tells him the story. She was convinced that God was mad at her for having chocolate after she'd given it up for Lent. So He apparently sent her a warning. I guess next time she'll (gasp!) get a speeding ticket. Just seems so silly to me. Why should anyone be afraid to eat chocolate?

The previous example is just a small sample of the many rules and regulations religions use to...well, I don't really know why they do it. I don't think they know either. I guess it's just to maintain control over their subjects. I know a few other guys who utilized this technique. Do the names Charles Manson, David Koresh, and Jim Jones ring a bell? Granted these are extreme cases but they still held sway over their believers and controlled them without question. Sounds awfully similar to what ALL religions do.

I'm a firm believer in freedom of religion. If it works for you, fine. If it brings you peace and stability in an otherwise chaotic world, more power to you. Just keep it away from me. I don't try to convince people that my beliefs (or lack thereof) are the right path. I may discuss it with them but 9 times out of 10 the religious types will get all pissy and judgmental. So apparently I'm a heathen. I'm a sinner. I'm an infidel. Satan has a nice hot seat waiting for me in Hell. Well folks, I'll believe it when I see it.


  1. I as well am not a fan of organized religion. Each religion wants to be right and you must follow the rules or you're going to hell! If you want to believe in a higher power great, but doesn't each religion also provide us with the ability of free will and we choose our own path etc? I dunno, I think people who use religion as their reason for everything tend to not be a very strong willed person and are looking for something to use as a crutch for all their decisions in life

  2. It worked post your original comment! I want to see what you have to say on this heated topic.

  3. God did not punish her for breaking her covenant with him. She broke the law and got busted by man. The season of Lent/Fasting is there for Christians to attempt to better themselves and build a better relationship with God through giving up a vice or pleasure in their life, you can also take on things as well like more prayer or volunteer work. This is all optional and not a mandatory practice in any one religion. We CHOOSE to do these things.

    I was raised in the Catholic church and it is one church that I feel still has a place in my heart it is a bit impersonal with the general populace of modern society. DO NOT READ THAT RELIGION SHOULD CONFORM TO SOCIETY.

    A persons spiritual journey is just that, A PERSONAL JOURNEY. I believe there are many paths to a selected outcome when it comes to a persons physical and spiritual life. God gave us Free Will and we can CHOOSE to do what we feel is right or wrong for Ourselves Personally. No ONE has the RIGHT to tell you which Religion, organized or not, to practice.

    I wish people would read more of the teachings of the New Testament than just take the word of their religious leader.

    Ok, I am taking my soap box and going back on Twitter.

  4. Well said Skip. I appreciate your input. I had a feeling you'd chime in on this topic. And you're absolutely right it is a personal journey. We must find our own path in life. That's why I can respect your beliefs. You don't try to condemn others for not having your beliefs. My mother was also raised Catholic. Strict Catholic. She did not raise me the same way. She let me decide for myself what I want to believe and I'm very thankful to her for that. I do have my own belief system, which is cobbled together from many different religions. A Frankenstein's Monster of religion, if you will. Everyone needs something to believe in. But I have ZERO tolerance for those who look down on others who do not share their viewpoint. I have friends of many different faiths and I don't look down on any of them unless they try to forcefully change my way of thinking. I think a religious debate is a healthy thing, as long as both sides conduct said debate with a mutual respect for one another.

  5. Amen, Boys. I have a big issue with this within my family. I might have to create a blog myself, as there is really too much to comment on here. xo

  6. I have a blog too now so I wanted to comment .. what about when I was a server and I would see a $100 bill on the table that turned out to be a million dollar bill that was fake and said "the million dollar question, will u go to heaven??" And then they leave me a couple quarters as a tip ... if there is a heaven I hope I do go to kick that guys ass lol